My Music

When I play the piano I narrate a story which transports me into another world. My interpretation of the piece allows me to share those magical moments and feelings with others. 

My collaboration with Michel DRACH was one of the most important moments in my artistic life.

When I met him at rue Royale for the first time, I was really impressed by his great sensitivity, generosity, and his open mindedness. Michel was a humble and wonderful person.

After reading his “Grandfather’s” script, tracing its history back to the formation. I will always remember the moment when I gave him the main theme that I had composed. After listening to it, I looked at his face and through his nice smile I knew that he was touched by the music and the melody.

Then the adventure began and we worked for almost eight months on the project. My biggest concern was also to provide him with some sensitive musical pieces written and played by real instruments. You cannot replace the touch and the real instrumental emotions with machines or computers, even if the technology has become impressive.

I will never forget this wonderful, creative and humanistic experience. And of course I will never forget Michel Drach who gave me that fantastic opportunity."